Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary development is a vital part of all content learning. Without understanding the meanings of words and their structure, it becomes harder to comprehend text while reading. Looking up a word in a dictionary is not enough. “Our primary goal in vocabulary development is to help your child recognize and make sense of all the new words s/he is encountering in school and in our supplemental materials.”

Specifically, we expect to see gains in the following areas:

Students will be able to…

  • articulate the meanings of words
  • use different strategies (e.g., WAC – word structure, apposition, context clues) to identify meanings of words
  • sort words and place them into categories based on their meanings (for example, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.)
  • recognize base words and their inflections (for example, book, books, booked, booking) and will beable to apply strategies to understand the different meanings and how the words change with different endings
  • understand compound words and how the two words can help to identify the word’s meaning
  • identify how a contraction is structured and what words make it up (for example, can + not = can’t).
  • identify synonyms, antonyms, homophones, homographs and homonyms. Students will be able touse knowledge of the root of a word to determine its meaning