What Our Students and Parents Say About Brainy Learning Center

Gideon helped me with my test taking strategy and gave me a good understanding of the types of questions likely to come up so there were no surprises. Having a thorough review in the weeks leading up to the SAT really boosted my confidence as I walked into the test room.

DC, Student

The school could not figure out why my son was testing low on the Star test. Also, they said he couldn’t read well in second grade. But I couldn’t get details of what to do since we were already working with him. I looked at other tutoring centers, but they were more of the type to do memorization and pre-assigned worksheets. I needed a tutoring center that could test my son, determine the problem(s) and come up with a plan to solve the problem. Brainy, with Mr. Gideon, was awesome! He quickly tested my son and told me exactly what the problem was and how to solve it. It took a lot of work. We went for tutoring for 8 months straight (even through the summer), and now my son is one grade above his grade level for reading and has now tested proficient (above average) for all topics on the Start test. I couldn’t have do it without Mr. Gideon’s help. If your child(ren) need help at school, I can’t recommend Brainy enough. It made all the difference for us! 🙂

Teresa B., Parent

My son did really well with Gideon and Brainy Learning Center. He started off below grade level in elementary school. Gideon focused in on the areas he needed improvement with. He worked really hard to find out his strengths and weaknesses and worked with him to improve his reading and writing. His personal care, time, and lessons helped my son become an A/B student in junior high school.

Debbie Perkins, Parent

I like the way Gideon uses games in tutoring. It makes it more fun and I feel like it is really helping. My reading has gotten better and faster.

Daviar, Student

Before we found Gideon my son struggled with reading and looked at it as a chore. After beginning the sessions with Gideon I have seen my son’s reading ability greatly improve along with his confidence. He has become a much more fluent reader and I see him finding the fun and joy in reading which was my greatest wish for him. I am looking forward to continuing our sessions with Gideon so we can build upon the great work he has already done with my son.

Jonathan W., Parent

I’m really happy that I’ve found Brainy Learning Center. My parents and I have been trying to find a good, but affordable tutor, and the learning center fit perfectly. Here they make sure that your comfortable and that you really understand what your learning. They’ve been great at helping me with my geometry and physics and my school work as improved in a short amount of time.

Craig, Student

My six-grader used to be so afraid of writing. It used to take him two hours to write one page of journal. It has all changed since he started working with Gideon two months ago. He is starting to write more fluidly. He is using more descriptive words. We are beginning to hear his voice in his writing. We are very happy with the improvement we are seeing in his writing skill.

Aye, Parent

My daughter, Shannon, took a two (two-week writing sessions) at Brainy Learning Center this past summer with Gideon Shuster and I am very delighted with her progress. Before, Shannon was very reluctant whenever she had writing assignments, now she can put her thoughts into words without us assisting her. We definitely will consider returning to Brainy Learning Center next summer and have Shannon continue to improve on her writing skill. Shannon is currently in 7th grade at Bernardo Heights.

Kathy, Parent

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