SAT Prep

Improve your SAT scores within 15-20 sessions.

The SATs can be challenging for many students. It is something everyone has to take in order to apply for most colleges. Some colleges consider SAT scores major factors in their admission process. SAT provides a path to college opportunities, financial support and scholarships.

The SAT can seem overwhelming, but we take the overwhelming out of the SAT and help prepare students for this college entrance exam.

We teach students strategies that make sense. We help them see the exam in a different light in order to help students be successful on the exam.

The SAT exam has 3 basic components:

  1. The Critical Reading Section
  2. The Writing Section
  3. The Mathematics Section

All sections are areas in which the student has been preparing for since Kindergarten. We help organize your student’s practice and prepare them long before they take the SAT.

SAT Prep can be done:

One-on-one sessions.

Small groups (even with their classmates or friends).

Or through our 3 course session that last about 3 hours each.

Individualized plans that go at the pace of the student and their learning needs.

Customizable schedules.

Personable instruction to leave the student never feeling overwhelmed.

We also make it very affordable to prepare for the SATs. No one should have to pay too much to prepare their child for success.

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