Early Starters Program

pre-kOur Early Starters Program is a Pre-K program that teaches children the fun of reading and math. It is the time when students begin to learn sounds, letters, and phonemes. This is a time that can be considered important to the development of ones love for learning.

Brainy Learning Center (BLC) has a program that is tailored to children who are not in school yet, but want to get a jump-start on their education.


Your child may be ready for our Early Starters Program if he/she is:

  • Ages 4-5
  • Likes to sit down and listen to stories
  • Shows interest in books
  • Shows a desire to learn the alphabet and counting numbers
  • Makes connections with pictures in books
  • Tells stories
  • Pretends to read a story by retelling that story to people or dolls

Early Starters Learning Camp

This program is for our early learners ages 3-5 years old. If you’re a parent who wants their child to have fun while learning, or needs a few hours during the week to run your errands, go to Pilates or Yoga, or grab some bagels and coffee with your friends, we provide a fun program that will:

  • Increase Number Sense
  • Get Your Child Interested Reading
  • Learn Sounds and Letters
  • Learn How to Count
  • Explore the World of Science
  • Learn about Foods
  • Enjoy Art
  • Learn Songs
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We make it fun to learn how to prepare food and count our numbers and learn our letters. Children will eat what they make. They will learn how to measure as the prepare foods. They will create artwork that will help them learn their letters and count.

This class is typically for 2-3 hours twice a week or we have week long camps.