The ACT can be a challenging and demanding exam for many students. The ACT is becoming a leading exam that universities and colleges are using in the enrollment process. Like the SAT, it can help determine which university a student may be accepted to. The right scores can help students qualify for scholarships.

The ACT can be an overwhelming process, but we take the overwhelming out and help students prepare for the exam.

The ACT consists of four sections that is offered each school year in September, October, December, February, April, and June. Many students take it in the spring of their junior year. Some repeat the exam in the fall of their senior year.

The ACT’s Four Sections Comprise of the Following:

  1. English Section – 36 Points
  2. Mathematics Section – 36 Points
  3. Reading Section – 36 Points
  4. Science Reason Section – 36 Points
  5. An Optional Writing Section – 12 Points


Brainy Learning Center helps students prepare to meet the challenges and demands of the exam. We teach test taking strategies, time-management, and using their knowledge and educational experience to help them do well on the ACT.


Getting the Most out of the ACTs  

One-on-one sessions.

Small groups (even with their classmates or friends).

Or through our 3 course session that last about 3 hours each.

Individualized plans that go at the pace of the student and their learning needs.

Customizable schedules.

Personable instruction to leave the student never feeling overwhelmed.

We also make it very affordable to prepare for the ACTs. No one should have to pay too much to prepare their child for success.

Call or contact us TODAY to schedule your ACT Prep sessions!


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